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Cell Therapy

Cellular therapy is a breakthrough in medical treatments that rehabilitates users by implanting new cells into the body. This process successfully remedies the symptoms while fighting the causes.


TR Zell Cell Therapy Anti Aging History Parecelsus
“Heart heals the heart, lung heals lung, spleen heals spleen; like cures like.”

 – Paracelsus,Swiss German physician, founder of toxicology.

Paracelsus believed that illnesses are treated more effectively with living tissue, unlike conventional medicines that helps rebuild after the original tissues have been broken.

16th Century

TR Zell Cell Therapy Anti Aging
Dr, Brown-Sequard administered animal extracts onto himself to successfully prolong his youthfulness during his later years.

This treatment went on to be known by scientists as the Brown-Sequard Elixir.

His research provided the building blocks for future researchers to improve on.


TR Zell Cell Therapy Anti Aging
Physicians gave rise to cellular therapy when they employed thyroid cells to treat young patients suffering with hypothyroid.

The procedure expedited in regenerating and healing organs, including adrenals, thyroid, pituitary gland, liver, kidney, ovaries, spleen, brain and the heart.


TR Zell Cell Therapy Anti Aging
Dr. Paul Niehans, "the Father of Cellular Therapy", became a honored member of the house of Pope Pius XII after treating him with this technique.

Dr. Niehans would go on to utilize his studies in cellular therapy to successfully rejuvenate a removed parathyroid gland from an adult patient. This extended her life by 30 years, exceeding Dr. Niehans’ initial expectations.


News spread of Dr. Neihans' success, and cellular therapy became in the vogue amongst Hollywood stars. Many looked for treatment ranging from prolonging their youthfulness to curing illnesses.

During Dr. Niehans’ lifetime, he treated over 15,000 patients, with an exceptionally high success rate.

TR Zell Cell Therapy Anti Aging History Sheep

Due to the efforts of Dr. Niehans and his successors in cell therapy, this procedure adapted the process of applying organ cells from medically prepped animal.

Sheep are the ideal candidate for this procedure due to their natural tolerance to fatal diseases and toxins. Historically, sheep placenta has been linked to treating anti-aging, rejuvenation, and regeneration for thousands of years within various cultures.

Each specimen’s health is carefully monitored and cared for by scientists, and is raised for medical purposes only. No animals were harmed in the cell extraction process.